Welcome to our project main website.

The project, Young Ambassadors for Peace in Eastern Europe and Caucasus regions is a 2-year partnership project between Armenia, Denmark, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Our project’s overall objective is: To contribute to a bottom-up, youth-to-youth approach to peace-building by strengthening the role of young people and youth related CSO networks to be vigilant democratically aware, and socially responsible peace ambassadors, capable of building bridges to peaceful conflict resolution among the Eastern Europe neighborhood and Caucasus regions. Please follow the different links on this website to know more about what the project is about. enjoy your visit, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information if the need arises.

Project objectives:

The project runs on three specific objectives as follows:

  • To empower at least 200 young people from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to become peace ambassadors, capable of contributing to peace building at the local, national, and regional levels.
  • To mobilize, facilitate and capacitate other youth related CSOs, schools & policy environment, to be aware of, and further the empowerment of youth in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, to become peace ambassadors, able to support peace efforts at all levels.
  • To compile, validate, regionalize, and increase the utilization of better practices and success stories (toolbox/tool-kit) about peace building tools and initiatives in the region, as a way of supporting the already existing resources for cultivating a culture of peace and non-violent conflict resolution and transformation.

This project is funded by CISU, an umbrella of close to 300 Danish Civil Society Organizations – small, medium and large. CISU manages the Civil Society Fund on behalf of DANIDA.